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This online magic shop belongs to Magos Artesanos.

The MagosArtesanos offices are located at Plaza de la Madre María Ana Mogas, 2, Madrid. And contact with the company can be made through the web form or by email to



The average order processing time is variable, as it usually involves an import process that may vary in duration depending on various factors. The system will indicate to the customer the approximate time for order delivery, but this is an approximate figure and may vary without the possibility of user claims. Likewise, due to the extracommunity importation process, the import may be held by customs authorities, and Magos Artesanos would have to initiate the unblocking process, which could also delay the delivery of the order.


All orders are shipped to their final destination from Madrid (Spain). This website will only send to those areas of the European Union adhered to the free customs agreement. The system makes it impossible, as far as possible, for countries with customs taxes to place orders, but if this happens for any reason, the order will be automatically canceled and the money refunded to the user.


If the customer, for any reason, enters an incorrect shipping address that makes delivery of the order impossible, the logistics company will charge an additional surcharge for the modification of the delivery address that will be replicated to the customer.



  1. By credit card through a secure payment system 3DSecure.
  2. Through PayPal.


All the prices of the products indicated on the website include VAT..


The system automatically calculates the shipping cost based on the weight, volume and destination of the merchandise. The "Store Pickup" option does not imply shipping costs (in this case, the merchandise will be made available to the customer at the logistics point in Madrid, Spain, indicated by the system).


Delays outside our company may arise due to external efforts. Magos Artesanos will guarantee the delivery of the material sent and the management in a timely manner by our company, but is not responsible for possible delays generated by external companies


Magos Artesanos is not responsible for possible physical injuries caused to oneself or to third parties by the use of magic items sold in its store, as wellas for burns caused to oneself or third parties by improper use of our flammableproducts. . We understand a responsible use of these items, so MagosArtesanos will avoid any responsibility in this regard and the client will not be able to make any claim in this regard.

There are some claim forms available to the consumer (Decree 1/2010, of January 14) that the user can claim from the online store.

The consumer and user can address their claims at the following address:

A maximum claim time of 15 days is established from the receipt of the merchandise. The system enables a claim button for the product requested throughthe user profile. The user may open a claim for a damaged product within those 15 days by attaching photographs or videos to demonstrate the open claim. After 15 days from receipt it will not be possible to open any type of claim.

Electronic downloads do not allow claims or returns of any kind. Once purchased,they are automatically activated in the user's profile and it is not possible toreturn them.